Economic Growth for Women in Afghanistan – EGGI

Unleashing a nation’s full economic potential depends upon investing in women and enabling women to take advantage of economic opportunities. Rule of law programming, such as the Afghanistan Economic Growth and Governance Initiative (EGGI), helps translate legal recognition of human rights into real improvements in the lives of Afghan women by ensuring rights are promoted and protected by Afghan economic growth systems.

When conducting the evaluation, collecting data, and developing the Performance Management Plan for the EGGI effort, MetaMetrics conducted interviews with women and men enterpreneurs, host country officials, Ministry leadership, and USAID staff. The MetaMetrics team provided PMP technical assistance over the course of the project. This included returning to Afghanistan to analyze performance indicator data and write the PMP Reports for Years 1 and 2. Recommendations were made concerning performance management activities, performance indicators, data collection, data analytics, security, website development, and training. This included recommending re-establishing the Afghan Women Judges Association and developing an Afghan women lawyers network. Women’s rights and gender issues were considered in accomplishing the EGGI Scope of Work. PMP data were disaggregated by gender whenever applicable.

Client USAID/Afghanistan
Partner Deloitte
Areas Evaluation, Monitoring, Economic Reform, Rule of Law
Date 2010-2011