Participatory Evaluation in the Kyrgyz Republic

Despite many positive democratic developments since the 2010 revolution, the rule of law sector in the Kyrgyz Republic continues to face problems. Financing for the justice system has been tight, professional morale low, training inadequate, and judges prey to public intimidation.

The Judicial Strengthening Program (JSP) seeks to improve the judicial environment by prioritizing respect, inclusivity, and human rights. JSP is providing a range of technical assistance to the judiciary, and delivering an information campaign to increase citizen satisfaction with courts and Parliament.

Using our Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation methodolology, MetaMetrics determined the extent to which the project has increased judicial transparency and accountability, promoted ethical behavior, reduced corruption, shifted public perceptions, and supported people’s access to justice. At the same time, through training, workshops, and participatory execution of evaluation activities, we increased the organizational capacity within JSP to identify performance indicators and implement performance-oriented monitoring and evaluation on their program going forward. While much work remains for Kyrgyz Republic judicial strengthening, JSP has had notable achievements within a complex and improving environment, and the work remaining to reach USAID targets identified in detail through the MetaMetrics M&E effort.

Client USAID/Kyrgyz Republic
Partner IDLO
Areas Evaluation, Monitoring, Rule of Law, Participatory Evaluation
Date 2016